More about Randall Williams

In Randall’s own words:

In 2002, I graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium with a degree in classical vocal performance – at the head of my class. But I was already fed up with classical music – I couldn’t stand the division between performer and audience. And so I returned to the world of traveling, writing songs in train stations and sleeping on couches, then singing and playing on street corners, cafés, and pubs.

For a time I lived aboard a 20′ sailboat that I bought for $800, teaching myself how to sail by single-handing through the Baltic and North Seas with my guitar sleeping in the berth beside me at night. I wrote a book about the trip, which begins with the story of almost getting squashed by a tanker before dawn one morning in the North Sea.

My newest musical adventure is a song cycle based on “Einstein’s Dreams,” after the national bestseller by the same name. MIT physicist and poet Alan Lightman penned thirty sketches of what Einstein might have dreamed in the months leading up to his discovery of the theory of relativity. The result is more about our common humanity than a physics exercise: in one world, the river of time has eddies and back currents where people are sometimes caught. In another, time repeats itself verbatim, forever. In another, everyone knows the precise moment when the world will end: 26 September 1907.